Fall 2018 Science Club and Fair

The science club was taught by teachers Mariluz Aunta and Jorge Duarte and was assisted by parent volunteers Yira Zamora and María Mercedes Laguna.

The first topic that was taught was the anatomy and physiology of the human hand. The students were able to construct their own robotic hand.


Potential and Kinetic energy was the second topic as students created rubber band powered cars made out of water bottles


Friction was the third topic and was explored through “friction climbers”


Fluids, Pascal’s Principle, and characteristics of fluids were taught through experiments and the creation of a poster.

In order share their posters, the students presented them to the other students at a science fair.


Fluids were then continued through the construction of a hydraulic claw.

The last topic covered for the science club, was about the history of alarms, electricity, electric circuits, and elements. The students then constructed their own buzzing circuits.

A HUGE thank you to the teachers and parents volunteers! As well as all of our great students who have been with us for many years. We are so proud of all your hard work and flourishing creativity.

Stephanie QuinteroComment