GES and SAES Activities

St. Andrew's Episcopal School students volunteered at Gaithersburg Elementary School to bring the participating students fun and engaging activities

The kids first had fun on the playground. 

Making New Friends 

Making New Friends 

Natalia and Alejandro have been volunteers since 2014. Natalia had invited her best friend and met a boy named Victor. They started to develop a strong bond and had a great day together. 

Today is a very special day for me. I have new friends.
— Victor
Students playing a soccer game

Students playing a soccer game

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We were able to provide sixty lunches thanks to a donation from St. Andrew's Episcopal School

Outstanding parent volunteers  

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Activities were created by SAES Seniors  

Sharing Feeling and experiences  

Walk in my shoes activity 

Students filled-out a picture of a shoe and shared what is "one thing that you might know about me" , "one that you don't", and "one that I want you to know."  


Picture frames 

Growth and Change 

Students made a picture of when they were little, a picture of them now, and picture of them in the future.  



Students created origami figures for someone else as a gift 


Students made a school poster and they talked about the importance of education

Differences and similarities 

Circle and movement 

creating a country flag 

Students created a flag of their choice 

Holidays and traditions 

While decorating Christmas trees and Easter eggs, students discussed the importance of traditions  

Pretend news 

All about me 

vote for me 

What would you change about your school? 

A huge thank you to Mrs. Chalmers, Mrs. Johanny, Mrs. Galvis, Linkages to Learning, Gaithersburg Elementary School, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, parents, and volunteers.