Bogotá Workshop

Chicos and Kids in Bogotá 

These workshops were led by ambassador Isabella Galvis, Laura Sofia, and María Paula

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The relationships I have with these students have powerful positive effects. Everyday we learn together about life skills, respect, acceptance, and how to build stronger relationships with our peers, teachers, and parents. I make every effort to make everyone feel more confident and believe in their abilities so that they can succeed in school and feel less anxious with peer pressure.
— Isabella Galvis
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Let's Talk About RESPECT! 

The Toothpaste Activity 

Students were told to draw lines on a sheet of paper and then to cover the lines in toothpaste out of a tube as fast as they could. Once they were all finished, Isabella told them to try and put the toothpaste back into the tube as fast as possible. It was impossible to but it all back. The same thing happens when we say mean and disrespectful words. It is easy to say them, but hard to take them back as the person that was being told these words are already hurt. This is when we teach our students to THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK and if we do say hurtful words we apoligize and ask for forgiveness. 


The Mirror Activity 


Each student holds a mirror in front of their face. Then the leaders ask the questions: 

Who are you? 

Do you have confidence in yourself? 

What do you like to do? 

How do I treat myself? 

Do you love yourself? 

Do I treat others the same way I like to be treated?  

Respect begins by accepting yourself as you are. You are IMPORTANT and UNIQUE. We all have the right to live with respect and love. 


Interview Activity

The leaders interviewed some students and asked the questions: 

What is your name? 

How old are you? 

What do you like to do? 

What is your favorite music? 

Where is your favorite place? 

What do you like most about school? 

How do you help the environment? 

How is your relationship with your peers? 

After the interview, many students began to find things they had in common with their classmates as well as differences. They all shared important experiences and made some students not feel alone when dealing with day-to-day challenges. They discussed some specific situations and how strong relationships with peers, teachers, and parents can help improve their lifestyle and believe in themselves and tackle challenges and reach for goals.  



Tell me something nice and I will give you a hug. 
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High five, good job! 
Take my hand and let's write something about respect.

At the end of the workshop all of the students wrote down what respect means to them on a poster. 

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Thanks to Isabella, María Paula, and Laura Sofia for doing an excellent job in carrying out these workshops your hard work and dedication inspired so many of us! 

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