Day 4- Jutiapa, Guatemala

We got back on track after our weekend and continued with our lesson. 

Luck was back on our side and we had a classroom at the school to teach in! I was so thankful because teaching on the small white board was more time consuming, having to wait for the children to finish writing down the translation before erasing and continuing on with the next. 


After the usual class introduction of the "Good Morning Song", I decided to start the class with a fun round of the fly swatter game using what we had learned yesterday. 

I taught them the clock: the hour hand, the minute hand, how to read it, and how to say it in English. Most of the students didn't know how to read the clock before this lesson but caught on quick after I explained it once.

We also began constructing sentences using "to have", family members, and personal pronouns. 

Today also included a fun art project using the types of hair colors, lengths, and shapes. I think the kids really enjoyed creating the different hair styles!

William, without being asked to, challenged himself to recite the numbers 1-100 in front of the whole class! I was so proud of him! His brave actions even encouraged another student to recite the numbers 1-100 as well!

It excites me so much to see all that the children have learned in only four days! All the students are so intelligent and hard workers. I push them to take notes and they follow along without any complaints. I did not think I would enjoy teaching as much as I do!


Suzie BezaComment