Day 3- Jutiapa, Guatemala

Again, I was not left the key to the classroom but the classes must go on! 

As usual, our English classes began with the "Good Morning Song". The kids were getting the hang of it and singing along more than the previous two days. They had no shame in shouting out, "good morning!"

Today, my grandmother decided to attend the class, possibly to learn a few English words herself. Although I don't think she found it as interesting as the children did, for she fell asleep on the hammock not far into the lesson. 


The children learned parts of the face as well as parts of their body! I had passed out  worksheet to accompany this part of the lesson which they again had a fun time creating a masterpiece of their own. I gave them googly eyes to put on there faces and the silliest ones chose to get the largest googly eyes. All the children laughed at how strange the large eyes looked on the face!

William was one of the few who choose to get the big googly eyes. (Also our class clown)

When first getting out the fake money, all the children's eyes went wide thinking it was all real money! It wast until I told them it was fake but similar to how the real american money looked like that they laughed at their misunderstanding. Yet, when I passed out different amounts of money to each student, they held it in there hands like it was something so precious. For this activity, they had to tell me how much money I had given them-" I have_____dollars".


After getting through the four seasons, we played their favorite game to help with the memorization of these seasons- the fly swatter game. Just at the mention of the game they get excited and ask to be first. Some even snatch the fly swatters out of my hand! 

After continuing with the numbers 61-100, I like, I don't like, I love, and constructing sentences, we were all exhausted from the long class.Or at least I was. Before leaving the porch though, the children dug out some energy to yell " bye teacher!" and with excitement for the following class on Monday.