Day 1- Jutiapa, Guatemala

 I was very surprised to find myself more excited to begin teaching than I was nervous. . .

My grandmother's home is right next to the school in which I would be teaching. Due to the kids still being in school, I had to teach after their regular classes, 9-12 a.m, which was at 1 in the afternoon.  All morning I was filled with nervousness but anticipation to begin.

When the time finally came, I took my suitcase full of materials to the school and prepared myself for what came next. 

I first began by introducing myself, the Chicos and Kids organization, and rules of the classroom. Following that, I had each of the students introduce themselves and say one or two things about themselves.

To begin our lesson, as we would each of the following days of class, we sang the Good Morning Song. I explained to the students what the song was saying and that we would be singing it every day even though classes were in the afternoon.

The rest of our class consisted of the alphabet, vowels, numbers 1-30, colors, animals, and to finish off the class, reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?".


The students are working hard to keep up on the note taking!


After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?, we played the fly swatter game using the animals from the book to help remember the animals and colors. They loved playing the fly swatter game so much! 

By the time I had gone through my entire schedule, we had some time left over before our 3-hour class ended so I took advantage of the time by teaching the kids an american game. I taught them both Heads Up Seven Up and 4 Corners- they preferred Heads Up Seven Up. 

Prior to beginning the class, I was given a list of eleven students that I would be teaching but two additional kids showed up with eagerness to learn. All who I had in my group of 13 participated, took notes and were so eager to learn the English language. By the end of the class, all the children left with smiles on their faces and I was completely satisfied with how the day went.