Colombia: Day Five- The Finale

Today was bittersweet. Although this was the last day of hard work, it was also the end of seeing all of my students play and learn together. The day started off with a full attendance and everyone was ready to learn.

For our last day, we did a full review of everything that was taught. from numbers to the verb to be, I was very impressed with all of my students as they correctly recalled every lesson they learned.  

The students were also required to write their own sentences and a couple were selected to read them out loud to the class.  

After a rigorous last review, the reward was soon on its way. 

We had bought pizza for everyone from a nearby pizza place and were kind enough to bring them straight to school for us. Once the pizza man showed up everyone was jumping in excitement. The pizza man was sure surprised to see all of the happy children running beside him, ready to take a slice. Everyone was seated outside where we last had our BBQ  two years ago. 

 After some good eating and playing, everyone was called back into the classroom to present our gift to the school. Because of the great opportunities Annpower has presented me with, I was able to give a new projector to the school, which will come to great use when teaching. 

What time is it? 

It's raffle time!  

Many of the games and toys used for recess was raffled off. Gifts also included new shirts, a backpack, stuffed animals, and a football. 



Graduation is finally here and every student was given a certificate and some special little gifts. Thank you to the United States Embassy in Bogotá who donated school supply for each child. 

Each student was called up individually given their certificate, medal, pin, and gift.  

Thanks again to everyone who donated and support Chicos and Kids this year. A special thank you to Nelson Suarez, Ann Taylor, and Vital Voices.