Day 5- Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Today's lesson was crammed with A LOT of information! I let the students know before hand to stay alert and pay attention. 

After our usual Good Morning Song and short review, we quickly got into learning the family members. I learned a tad bit myself in this lesson and from the children! I had forgotten the difference between niece/nephew and grandson/granddaughter in Spanish but was assisted by the little students who seemed pleased to be the ones teaching  the teacher for a change.  

Using the family members, they played the Fly Swatter Game, practiced with a family tree, and created more sentences using "to have".They individually created their own sentences  in their journals, incorporating family members, that I would look over and approve. We would also practice creating sentences together on the board as a class.  On the board, to challenge them, I would write sentences both in English AND Spanish that they would then have to translate. I was very impressed at how quickly some of the students could recite out loud the translations! Others had to quickly look over their notes for the words they had forgotten but for the most part, understood the sentence and how to translate them.

I cannot even describe how incredible it is to see all the pieces we have learned from day one come together.