Day 4- Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Most of today's class consisted of hair: hair types, lengths and colors. 

We incorporated "I have" to create more sentences! Each student was assigned to construct an accurate sentence of what type of hair they had. Fortunately, everyone had a paper that they used as a reference which included the different hair types, lengths and colors. They could all use a break from taking notes!

Continuing on with hair, we had another art project that included googly eyes and yarn. This project practiced reading and comprehending different kinds of hair someone may have. Glue went out, fingers got sticky, but the fun never ended!

Note: The " I have ____, _____, ____ hair." was not part of the short review. I had forgotten to erase the words from the board before continuing on with the lesson.

Some unique ideas came about this project as well! For one of the questions, they had to create a girl with long, blond, wavy hair. At first, they were finding it difficult to create the wavy hair but then solved it by using there pencil to create the wavy effect!  



After the hair project, I taught the students the verb "to have"  with personal pronouns.  Using their reference sheet, they were able to create sentences using hair types for each personal pronoun! They also learned numbers 0-1000, and seasons easons of the year

We had a few extra minutes at the end of class, so I decided to teach them an American game, "Heads Up, Seven Up". After explaining the rules of the game, everyone wanted to be up first! I enjoyed watching the children play and be as secretive as possible. It took be back to the days in elementary school, where I myself, played "Heads Up, Seven Up" in class.