Holiday Party

Two months ago, I (Stephanie) thought of organizing a holiday party for refugee children and low income families. I knew I wanted to lift everyone's holiday spirit this season, so a party to celebrate and give back was a great idea. Thanks to Renata Pavani, the community school coordinator from Linkages to Learning, for helping me make this party happen. 

It took much preparation, beginning with the toy and winter clothing drive that I and the other Chicos and Kids members conducted. The drive was a success and received more than 700 donations of clothing and toys, which was used for the holiday party or donated to other families. 

Chicos and Kids also helped provide donors to families from Linkages to Learning, who donated gifts and clothing for specific children for the holiday season.  

When Friday evening came along, the Chicos and Kids Team along with other volunteers helped set up tables, food, and gifts around the gym. 

The party consisted of many different games, food, music, an entertaining clown, arts and crafts, and the piñata. 

The Arts and Crafts table provided picture frame and gift bag decorating. Cereal and oatmeal was put into bags and decorated as reindeer as a small gift.  

The party was also visited by Chuckles the Clown... 

The volunteers also played alongside the children with a multitude of games as well as a game of soccer.  

We can't forget the piñata! 

At the end of the party, everyone was called to take a part in the raffle, which included many gifts, such as speakers, two small tricycles, a bike, a toy sailboat, a mini goal, a soccer ball, an Aeropostale gift card, and a picture frame. 

We want to thank all the volunteers and donors that helped make this party happen. 

Party Volunteers and Donors:

1.  Amy Beza *

2.  Edward Beza *

3.  Susana Beza  *

4.  Brother’s Landscaping, LLC

5.  Alejandro Cadima *

6.  Fernando Cadima *

7.  Natalia Cadima *

8.  Susan Cadima *

9.  Alex Casasola *

10. Mirela Castillo * 

11. Chuckels – Clown *

12. Alex Chalmers *

13. Ana Lucía Chalmers *

14. Christina Chalmers *

15. Geoffrey Chalmers *

16. Gabriela Cruz *

17. Ismelda Cruz *

18. José Echavarria

19. Michelle Escobar *

20. Amanda  Galvis

21. Martha Galvis *

22. Wilmer Granados *

23.  Gladys Gutierrez*

24.  Margarita Hernández *

25. JM Contractors Inc.

26. Emily Kahn *

27.  Zarmina Kahn

28. Abby Kaufman *

29. Kate Kaufman *

30. Bridgette Kontner *

31. Evelyn Lievano *

32.  Melissa Lievano  *

33.  Spencer Marks *

34.  Jennifer Martinez * 

35.  José Martinez 

36. James Mcleish 

37. Milestone General Contractors

38. Roberto Parada

39. Renata Pavani  * 

40. Carlos Quintero *

41. Christopher Quintero *

42. Stephanie Quintero *

43. Connie Reyes *

44. Adam Reiskin *

45. Karla Rivera

46. Ashley Salazar *

47. Azalea Sandoval *

48. Karina Santos

49. Drew Singleton *

50. Olivia Spaccasi *

51. Alondra Toledo *

52. Chantal Toledo *

53. Hector Toledo *

54. Sasha Toledo *

55. Villalta Family *

56.  Mildred Villatoro *

57. Georgia Woolston

58. Tina Woolston

* Attended the party