Day 4- Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Most of today's class consisted of hair: hair types, lengths and colors. 

We incorporated "I have" to create more sentences! Each student was assigned to construct an accurate sentence of what type of hair they had. Fortunately, everyone had a paper that they used as a reference which included the different hair types, lengths and colors. They could all use a break from taking notes!

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Day 2- Huehuetenango, Guatemala

It's 7:30 a.m. but I am wide awake and the children are ready to learn. 

After the Good Morning Song and a short review of yesterday's first lesson, we jumped right into learning something new-verbs. I had a handful of verbs translated for them, but I also gave them the opportunity to ask me what verbs they wanted to know that I had not mentioned. The asking could have gone on forever!

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Day 1- Huehuetenango, Guatemala

A second mission I vow to achieve. . . . .

From my grandmother's house in Jutiapa, Guatemala, from my fathers side, we traveled to Huehuetenango, Guatemala, where my second grandmother lives, from my mother's side. Upon arriving, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were so enthusiastic about me teaching English classes! It really helped by giving me confidence and reassurance of teaching another English class. 

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Day 6- Jutipa, Guatemala

Today was our final day of class. . . 

I was filled with several different emotions; from sadness, to pure relief, to gratitude and pride. 

Today's final day consisted of a large review, from the first day of class to yesterday's lesson, from simple colors, to creating complex sentences. I was so pleased with how they knew everything from the start!

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Day 4- Jutiapa, Guatemala

We got back on track after our weekend and continued with our lesson. 

Luck was back on our side and we had a classroom at the school to teach in! I was so thankful because teaching on the small white board was more time consuming, having to wait for the children to finish writing down the translation before erasing and continuing on with the next. 

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