Our Mission

Our mission is to provide peer to peer teaching and educational experience to children around the world and to inspire others to do the same. We encourage children to share with one another, whether it is through sports, language, games, music, and overall knowledge. Our goal is to inspire both the teachers and the students in order for them to realize their leadership potential.  


"Being in a leadership position as a counselor/teacher at Chicos and Kids in Colombia gave me a sense of purpose. It made me feel older and wiser; as someone who the kids looked up to. Sometimes, though, I looked up to them. The kids that we worked with had an amazing, positive attitude that many kids fail to appreciate. They were so grateful for everything we did for them. They are so incredibly loving, playful, and kind; they treated us like family from the minute we walked in. "

— Ana-Lucia Chalmers, Chicos and Kids Volunteer and Ambassador


Since 2010, Stephanie and Chris Quintero have taught children English in a rural village in Colombia. From then on they have devoted to teach others how to teach and share experiences. Chicos and Kids is about creating student leaders who are devoted to solve issues in communities through education and empowerment.